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My business was at an all-time low, not to mention my life, my marriage and my health. I had employees who had little respect for me, and a marriage which had many doubts for the future. I had been in business for approximately seven years and had lost all interest and enthusiasm for my work.

Over a few months I would be changed into a new person using Mr. Hubbard’s administrative material. I continually worked at stripping away all the false data I had about organizations and life.

I now have a business that is gearing up to three times its size of a year ago, expansion is existing everywhere, my marriage is reaching new heights of enthusiasm, companionship and love that I never realized were possible. I have a staff that is totally trained and who work together now as team players. This has allowed me to prosper again in ways that I never believed were possible. I have enthusiasm in my business and life.

Healthcare Professional


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