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“MANAGEMENT BY STATISTICS – A carefully organized reporting system, broken down to quantify and qualify virtually every aspect of operations relevant for sensitive management control. The ability to react very promptly to developments is one of the attributes of LRH administrative technologies, and is perhaps the key reason they have been successfully applied so consistently.

“INDIVIDUALITY – The techniques and systems developed to choose the correct personnel for a job, and how to train and stabilize them to perform their functions, has never before been so well described or completely delineated.

“In my opinion, the management technologies of L. Ron Hubbard superbly take into account long-run policies and daily needs of modern business and administrative operations. If the MBA products of our most eminent business schools had measured up to these standards in the past decade, I doubt that the American and world economics would be in their current disarray.

“I know of no other body of administrative laws and methods which is as complete, as workable and as broadly applicable as Mr. Hubbard’s. His philosophy of organizational know-how and his lucid explanations for its application deserve wide use in industry, commercial enterprises and government.”

Robert Goldscheider, Chairman
The International Licensing Network, Ltd.,
Technology Management Consultants


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