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Hubbard Colleges of Administration worldwide offer the highest caliber training in the management technology of L. Ron Hubbard.

For example, one of the most popular courses at the Hubbard College, the Elementary Data Series Evaluator Course, provides a comprehensive approach to undesirable group situations and teaches the student to apply Mr. Hubbard’s discoveries in the field of logic to resolve these. Through this course, the business professional or consultant can expertly see beyond the “apparent” reasons for a problem and zero in on the true underlying source of the decline or difficulty.

The Hubbard College also offers specialist courses covering such subjects as:

  • use of the organizing board in groups

  • use of the organizing board to analyze one’s life

  • sales and marketing

  • executive essentials and leadership

  • management by statistics

  • conditions of existence and formulas for their improvement

  • financial management

  • public relations

  • the use of surveys

  • how to increase personnel and company efficiency

  • effective communication skills

  • how to put planning into implementation

  • hiring and the use of personnel testing

  • developing effective company policy

  • the application of ethics to business

  • debug technology

  • troubleshooting

  • computers


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