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What started with a modest circulation of tens of thousands of the booklets rapidly expanded to millions in the early 1990s with translated editions in four major languages. As word spread at a grass-roots level, people from all over the world contacted CCHR in pursuit of additional copies – teachers, parents, lecturers, counselors, grandparents, lawyers, ministers, students, politicians and others.

That they were enlightened can be seen in the words of a school guidance counselor who said of the Education’s Ruin booklet: “The sooner we get back to the proven methods of teaching and discard the nonsense, the better. There are so many truths in the booklet that it should be made compulsory reading for all politicians, lawmakers and educators. It will take years to reverse the damage done, but we do have to start somewhere.”

To women, to educators, to those laboring in the thankless arena of justice and to many others, the booklets explained what they had long suspected yet largely been unable to articulate, that the influence of psychiatry had contributed significantly to the collapse of mores and values that had long been the glue which held society together. Armed with the truth, they have been empowered to raise their voices and reverse the tide.


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