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Other prescription drugs such as Valium, Librium, Xanax, Oraflex, Halcion and Prozac were all claimed to be safe, but each has been found to have harmful side effects. Psychiatrists have earned hundreds of millions of dollars prescribing these drugs – and then treating the problems created by their own prescriptions.

The pharmaceutical drug companies reap huge profits, literally tens of billions of dollars a year, from the widespread use of drugs to treat an ever-increasing list of symptoms for new illnesses “discovered” each year by the psychiatric profession. Hundreds of psychiatric drugs are consumed by millions to “solve” a multitude of modern problems such as sleeplessness, nervousness, stress or just plain boredom.

These illnesses, all of which are given credence with sophisticated names, become official during the American Psychiatric Association’s annual convention. Psychiatrists proffer a newly discovered illness and a vote is taken, with a majority consensus creating an official new disease. Why “official”? Official diseases can be treated and paid for by insurance companies, and in that way the psychiatric/drug manufacturer coalition ensures an ever-increasing source of income. Without question this is one of the great frauds of the twentieth century. It is a fraud that remains suppressed through the billions of dollars vested interests have at their disposal for high-tech PR campaigns and expensive marketing strategies, which in turn create the advertising revenues for a largely compliant media which would have its revenues threatened if it exposed the scam.


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