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Scientologists naturally tend to participate in environmental efforts because of their concern for the well-being of the communities in which they live and work.

Thus, in one city, Scientologists can be found heading recycling projects, public park cleanups and the removal of graffiti, while in another they can be found planting trees or protecting wildlife.

Ecologically minded South African Scientologists celebrate Earth Day each year with educational campaigns to stress the importance of safeguarding and improving their environment. A church-organized anti-litter campaign in Durban, South Africa, involving hundreds of volunteers from both the church and the community, received special recognition and a warm letter of thanks from the Durban City Council. In Australia, the “Clean Up Australia Day” organization recognized the Church of Scientology’s community clean-up events with a proclamation acknowledging the Church’s “outstanding contribution.” Scientologists run an ongoing educational campaign in Melbourne and other Australian cities to reduce pollution in the environment.

In Spain, Scientologists have worked to reforest areas burned out by forest fires. In cities along the western US coast, Churches of Scientology have been involved in beach cleanups and cooperative government and community-based programs in which sections of public beaches and highways are kept free of litter and graffiti.

Scientologists are constantly engaged in smaller, unreported projects – discouraging neighborhood youth from defiling property with spray cans, or encouraging those around them to keep streets and parks free of litter. These activities are all part of the Church’s larger view that ultimately no dynamic can thrive unless all thrive, and that each man is not only vitally linked to all other men but also to the world in which he lives.


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