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The Association provides support to projects its members undertake which either contribute to the well-being of mankind or help eradicate threats to religious freedom. It also supports projects initiated by the Church to protect the religion and to make Scientology more broadly known. The Association makes monetary grants to such worthy projects and calls upon its members to support them as well.

Requests for grants to fund such projects must be in full alignment with the goals of the IAS and should be directed to either the IAS or the USIMT.

The administration of grant funding is divided between United States proposals and proposals for all other countries. The IAS provides grants to projects conducted outside of the United States, while the US IAS Members Trust funds projects in the United States. Both support the same worthwhile purposes.

This extensive grant-making program has encouraged many Scientologists to volunteer their time and effort toward undertaking worthwhile projects to better their communities. For example, since its earliest years, IAS members have initiated and actively supported human rights, religious freedom, social betterment and community outreach activities. On every continent, one can find IAS members at the forefront of humanitarian anti-drug, criminal reform and literacy efforts. These outreach activities have been widely recognized and include such programs as “Say No to Drugs” campaigns in Europe, as well as human rights activities aimed to stem the tide of psychiatric abuses in countries around the world. And IAS members have substantially contributed to actions which forward the Scientology religion and help produce a climate in countries throughout Europe that allows not only Scientologists, but people of all religious denominations, to freely practice their faiths.


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