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Monitoring and enforcing the purity of technical application, and guaranteeing standard administration, is no small task. Historically, every religion has experienced periods during which growth has met with alterations of religious doctrine and practice and even outright derailment from the initial mission. Spiritual movements and religious denominations throughout the ages have suffered the destructive influences of infighting and struggles for power.

Past religious teachings, traditionally passed down by word of mouth or recorded by scribes, were subject to both alteration and misinterpretation. In contrast, this century’s technological advances have facilitated the permanent recording of Scientology scripture in books, tape-recorded lectures and films. Because the original writings and recordings by Mr. Hubbard can always be examined and verified, the technology, in truth, can never be lost. Yet despite the emergence of Scientology in an era of technological advances, the religion and its churches have nonetheless encountered the nemesis of alteration and reinterpretation that has plagued other religions.

Fortunately, coincident with advances in communication, bodies of copyright and trademark law have been developed and used to guard even religious scriptures and symbols from misuse and alteration. It is this fundamental function of protecting the Scientology religion’s trademarks and advanced religious scripture that Religious Technology Center provides. It is a function that guarantees the purity and workability of Scientology far into the future.


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