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A couple in southern California who are field auditors gave just one of many examples of their success in helping others move onto the Bridge and discover that there is hope for a better life:

“We have had thousands of miracles in our lives and in our preclears’ lives. . . . A recent one involved two professionals who came to us for auditing. With all the trappings of success, their lives had been devastated by drug abuse. Both had been using hard drugs for years. The wife was in particularly bad shape, and it took all the tools of ethics we knew to turn her life around. Both she and her husband are now... receiving auditing from us. They are winning more than they ever thought possible.”

A Scientologist in the northern suburbs of Chicago who has dedicated himself to serving his community as a field auditor says, “Every morning, come rain, shine, wind or snow, I get up, kiss my wife and the kids goodbye, and board the train for my office in Chicago. There I provide auditing and get people up the Bridge to Clear. . . . It’s a powerful incentive to me to continue auditing others when I see the changes in their lives and their understanding of life itself.”


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