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Prior to coming into Scientology I had received a major operation on my nasal passages which were blocked, causing extreme sinusitis. The medical specialist told me that although he could help by removing the blockage, in his experience it would not fully resolve the problems I was having which he felt may be psychosomatic. He was right. Although I experienced relief, I was still crippled by blinding headaches and sinusitis and would literally have to go to bed as it hurt so much. Then came Scientology auditing. One day in my auditing I contacted something which had to do with the extreme pain I was suffering. Suddenly I felt a crunch — I could physically sense the bones in the left part of my face changing. Right afterwards my face felt as if it had woken up after being asleep. It began tingling. The huge pressure buildup from my sinuses had completely disappeared — gone.

I knew that it was over. I no longer felt any sinus pain — I could breathe — I felt alive again.

To this day, twenty years later, it’s never returned. What happened to me during that auditing was a miracle.

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