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The Academy Levels were the first courses I did where I learned how to audit and really help another person by handling any difficulties to do with communication. I finished studying the course and then took my first preclear into session. He was a very shy young man who talked with a slight stutter and walked through a room looking at the floor to avoid having to look at and talk to other people. I took him into session and audited him for a few hours. As we walked out of the room after session, he gave me a big grin and said, “Well, let’s give this a test.” He then walked right up to the first person we met and started chatting, laughing and really enjoying himself, and continued getting into communication in a totally relaxed manner with the people in the room. There were no signs of his stutter. It was like watching a totally different person from the shy person of a few hours earlier, and it left me feeling very, very happy that I had been able to apply what I had learned to produce this incredible result.

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