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Getting Discouraged Easily

Do not be discouraged easily. Give auditing a fair chance to work. A preclear will often experience different emotions or attitudes during auditing services, and discouragement can be one of them.

The only way out is the way through. Sometimes a preclear has to have the courage to persist through a difficult spot in auditing to emerge with the full gains that can be had.

But do persist. If the auditor and the preclear work together as a team, results will occur every time. Man has spent countless years sinking into his present state. Auditing will not handle every problem a person might have in a day or a week. But the technology is available to greatly increase a person’s ability and to restore his health, self-confidence and happiness. Man can pull himself up.

Scientology does not claim to be a perfect system. It is a workable system, and does produce definite, predictable and positive results, far in excess of any other practice.

It is the responsibility of the individual to practice Scientology exactly as provided in Scientology scripture, just as it is the auditor’s and Course Supervisor’s. When applied exactly as written, Scientology services will give 100 percent success.


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