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Misunderstood Words

As mentioned in a previous chapter, one of the barriers to study is a phenomenon that occurs when words one reads or hears are not fully understood. This applies in processing as well. If a person who is being audited does not really understand what the auditor is saying or asking, he might well be trying to do something totally different from what the auditor and the process intend. He might experience a lack of gains, become puzzled, and possibly would not want to continue with any further auditing.

To prevent this situation from occurring, a person about to begin auditing is given a thorough understanding of the basic terms and concepts that will be used. The exact procedures to be followed are reviewed until the person feels confident that he understands them. If later during the auditing some question or uncertainty arises, the parishioner should tell his auditor immediately. The auditor will help him clear up any misunderstood words and answer any questions.


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