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Training must not be continued over such a situation, as training under this kind of duress will not produce the intended results.

Fortunately, the exact technology to resolve this exists in Scientology and it can be handled quite rapidly. The wife would sit down with a trained Scientologist who would assist her in communicating with her husband. The situation would be resolved in such a way that her own spiritual betterment was not slowed, but also so that her husband’s wishes were also respected and accommodated.

In some cases, the cause of this “up-and-down” phenomenon in a person’s life cannot be immediately located in the person’s environment. If this is the case, there is also special auditing available to help a person discover the real causes and thus become stable in life.

The technology to help people communicate with and deal with others in their environment who are antagonistic to their plans or desires for personal and spiritual betterment is available at Scientology churches and missions.


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