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Past Bad Study Experiences

Past approaches to education have not known the precise causes of study difficulties and, due to this, the methods for handling have not always been effective.

Some of the past attempts to correct poor study included:

  • Dunce caps on the students while they sat in the corner. This activity has never made any student brighter, but only succeeded in humiliating students, leaving them with less desire to learn.

  • Trick methods of studying and memory systems whereby the student is taught to parrot off facts as a substitute for actual understanding. While a student employing such techniques might look like he has learned something, these methods impart no real knowledge a person can use.

  • The use of drugs to quiet a student and make him less active – purportedly to enable him to concentrate and to lengthen attention span. In actual fact, this method makes a student dull and less able to learn for he is less in communication with his physical surroundings. Such drugs also have extremely damaging side effects, which have included instances of suicide.


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