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For all the tools that a Scientologist possesses to better his conditions and raise his ethics level, it is occasionally necessary, for the protection of the many, that the group step in and take proper action when the individual fails to take such action himself – hence the Scientology justice system. The basic idea behind Scientology justice is as simple and rational as the underlying theory of Scientology ethics. Justice exists to protect decent people. It is necessary in any successful society. Without it the brute attacks the weak, the good and the productive. The concept and practice of justice as it exists in society today, however, is increasingly ineffective.

The justice system of society is bogged down in a morass of Latinized grammatical complexities and has become, sadly, a matter of which attorney can present the better argument. Right and wrong, guilt and innocence are relegated to bit players in the show. A lawyer defending a criminal on trial for armed robbery, for instance, is not interested in establishing guilt or innocence; he is looking for a loophole or technicality on which the case can be dismissed and his client set free – whether guilty or not. Few have the wealth necessary to even try to pursue justice through the courts and even if one prevails, attorney costs often make it a Pyrrhic victory. The due process of the court system is in a virtual gridlock of court filings.

Scientology has another system, one unlike any other. Jurisprudence exists within Scientology which is both rapid and fair, and Scientologists utilize this to protect the decent and the productive.

Scientology justice is administered in accordance with a precise set of easily understandable ecclesiastical codes clearly delineated, broadly published and well known by Scientologists. Justice actions are conducted entirely in accordance with these codes, and whether they have been violated or not; suspicion, opinion or caprice play no part. The codes protect the rights of any Scientologist in good standing with the Church.


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