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It is important that enough auditing time be arranged at the outset to ensure that adequate progress can be attained. An estimate of how many hours will be required to reach a specified point on the Bridge can be ascertained by church technical staff before a preclear starts his auditing.

The specific auditing that a person does is determined by the Case Supervisor. Because everyone is different, it is impossible to state beforehand exactly how each preclear should progress. The basic route for all Scientologists, however, is laid out on the Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart and includes, for any case, the Expanded Lower Grades; New Era Dianetics; clearing, either on New Era Dianetics or on the Clearing Course; and each OT level.

Many people who have experienced skilled auditing say it is the most valuable activity there is. Those who move up the Bridge through auditing will do so rapidly.


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