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An alternate way to move up the Bridge is to receive individual auditing in the Hubbard Guidance Center of a church or mission. This is much faster than training as an auditor in terms of one’s own personal progress up the auditing side of the Bridge. It is, however, not as economical because it requires special attention from several staff members to provide the individual service.

Auditing in the HGC enables one to receive service in intensive numbers of hours which makes for very rapid progress. There are minimal interruptions from the upsets of day-to-day life when auditing is done every day for several hours. A Scientologist soon rises above situations which would have dragged him down earlier. More gain is achieved per unit of time when auditing is done this way.

Before beginning auditing, it is wise to become fully familiar with a set of guidelines which, if followed, help ensure that the greatest gains are made in one’s sessions. These are supplied by the person in the church who oversees the administration of all auditing, called the Director of Processing. (Processing is another word for auditing.) These guidelines cover such points as getting sufficient sleep the night before a session, eating properly and refraining from the use of drugs or alcohol for the duration of the auditing, except for medications administered under the care of a physician. The individual also should keep his personal life as ethical as possible, as problems in one’s relationships with others may take up an inordinate amount of auditing time, time that could otherwise be spent on progress up the Bridge.

Any training a Scientologist receives before embarking on auditing will be to his advantage. Even a person who has read books on Dianetics and Scientology will be more conversant with what is taking place in his sessions. At some point, in order to make it all the way up the Bridge, auditor training will be required, so the more one knows about the technology early on, the better off he is.


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