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Level V Graduate – Class V Graduate Auditor

(Hubbard Class V Graduate Auditor)

This service puts the polish on all one’s earlier auditing actions. It gives an auditor the advanced skills needed not only for perfect auditing, but the ability to repair any auditing difficulties that might arise. Here you become skilled in the technology needed to take any preclear to the doorway of Clear. This is the route for the individual who is not going on to the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course (Class VI) immediately after completing his NED (Class V) training.

Whether auditing in the field or in a mission or church, the Class V Graduate Auditor, once through this rigorously practical service, is equipped with all the tools necessary to keep his preclears progressing up the Bridge.

Familiarity with the full range of auditor tools and materials, dexterity with the E-Meter, positive direction of the preclear in session and the ability to perceive and instantly resolve any nonoptimum situation in an auditing session – these are the hallmarks of the Class V Graduate Auditor.


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