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As it is with auditing in Scientology, training follows a gradient series of steps up the Bridge. As one begins his ascent up the Classification Chart, he can achieve perfection in his ability to communicate and carry out his intended actions – skills far from commonplace in modern society. This prepares one for the study of the Academy Levels, where he learns how to handle virtually every aspect of life, the environment and the sufferings of those about him with the processes of the Scientology Grades. One then studies the procedures of New Era Dianetics, enabling him to bring his fellows to even higher states of existence – including the state of Clear. Moving on to advanced auditor training on the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, he gains a mastery of the fundamentals of auditing, the philosophic basis of all aspects of Scientology and the secrets of life revealed therein. Then, as a Class VIII, he attains effortless competence as an auditor and learns how to apply the technology 100 percent standardly, 100 percent of the time. It is a level of proficiency without comparison in modern culture.

Scientology courses contain the books and other materials written by Mr. Hubbard, his tape-recorded lectures and Technical Training Films necessary to impart a complete understanding of theory and technique, accompanied by intensive drilling so that the student becomes fully competent in application.

There is no part of the mind, spirit and life Scientology training does not address. Every spiritual ability necessary to survive at an entirely new level is addressed and restored by following the Classification Chart, completing a training service and moving on to the next.

Thus the Classification Chart represents that route that every Scientologist should follow to learn this technology and thus advance on the road to total freedom.


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