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Interiorization Rundown

One of L. Ron Hubbard’s most remarkable achievements was to prove that man is not his body and that he can exteriorize from his body. Once a preclear exteriorizes during processing, he may run into difficulties if auditing continues. Prior to Mr. Hubbard’s research on the Interiorization Rundown, auditors had to cease auditing preclears when they went exterior in auditing. In many cases, although the person would exteriorize once or twice it was not a stable state and the person would have difficulty exteriorizing again. As preclears often exteriorize in lower grade auditing, without solving this problem, they may have difficulty making further progress up through Clear and OT. This remarkable rundown solves this problem and permits preclears to continue up the Bridge after going exterior in auditing and makes further exteriorization possible. Available at Scientology churches and missions.

Of the higher states attainable by moving up the Grade Chart, L. Ron Hubbard wrote:

“. . . the way is true and plainly marked and all one needs to do is to place his feet upon the first rung of the ladder, ascend to Clear and then walk upward to and far beyond the stars.

“It is quite impossible to overstate the importance of such news. Two thousand five hundred years ago a statement similar to this and almost impossible to attain brought civilization to three-quarters of Asia.

“Yet day by day, Clears enrolled on the OT levels are walking that ladder and have already begun to reach the stars.”

From “Dianetics, Scientology and Beyond,” the full text of which can be found at page 274.


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