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Scientology® Expanded Grades

Expanded Grades can give any preclear enormous gains in life. These grades consist of a series of auditing processes which restore to the individual specific abilities and lay a strong foundation for more advanced auditing. (By “Expanded” is meant something that increases one’s outlook. “Grades” is short for “gradation” and applies to the gradient steps of the ascending levels up the Bridge.)

The Expanded Grades consist of six separate grades, described below, and nearly 150 different processes on which a person may be audited. Each grade was designed by Mr. Hubbard to enable the individual to rehabilitate or strengthen specific spiritual abilities.

When a particular process has achieved its desired result, the person’s awareness increases in that area and he becomes more able in that regard. Auditing more processes on a similar subject returns more ability. Further processes on a grade are then done until the person is rehabilitated on the whole subject of that grade, at which point the next grade, and another area of ability, can be addressed.

In this way, the Expanded Grades improve and restore a thetan’s abilities – abilities so buried that he had come to believe his failings were simply a “natural” consequence of life. Yet such failings are not natural at all. Through Scientology Expanded Grades auditing an individual’s native potentials and characteristics become evident, and flourish. They are available at Scientology churches and missions.

The six Expanded Grades are:


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