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L. Ron Hubbard


Not everyone suffers this liability, of course, but nearly everyone suffers from it in some degree. Offer the sentence “It’s as good as gold” to a crowd of people and you will find that most will not be able to define the word “as.” Yet this is a word that is used hundreds of times each day.

This deficiency does not automatically classify everyone as illiterate, but it does show that virtually everyone’s comprehension can be increased. And when we throw into the equation the fact Mr. Hubbard had discovered early in the previous decade that when someone encounters a misunderstood word, he stops understanding and does not fully grasp or become aware of what follows, we see in this set of circumstances the source of a somewhat befuddled and out of communication world.

So, here again was the problem he faced: how can you teach the language, its use, its construction, and its words without addressing the problem of misunderstood words? It seemed impossible. There was no way to use words to define words with words when even the most basic words were not understood. Or was there?

What was needed, Mr. Hubbard decided, was a way to totally avoid the possibility of allowing the student to encounter words he might misunderstand. And the solution he developed reflected the simplicity of genius:


Illustrations, to be exact. Thousands of illustrations.


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