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As shown in the previous chapter, Mr. Hubbard recognized the seeds of this problem in the 1950s, and by 1964 he had developed his breakthrough study technology. In the late 1970s, however, he saw that even this technology required a more fundamental handling because of the escalating cultural decline. By then we had produced generations of people who were being bombarded with large amounts of information they do not comprehend and who have taken on the role of spectators. They are out of communication with life, which essentially means that they cannot competently give or receive communications.

Furthermore, he clearly saw that if one could truly comprehend what he read and heard and could make himself understood by others, all of life would be open to him. Conversely, to the degree one could not express himself and make others understand him and could not understand what others communicated, life would be closed off to him. In solving the problem of a world out of communication, L. Ron Hubbard developed a method that not only can make an illiterate person literate but increase the ability of anyone to comprehend and to be understood.

And this is the Key to Life.

Key to Life is a major breakthrough in the field of communication. Step by step, it strips away the reasons why a person cannot comprehend what he reads, writes and hears and why others cannot understand him.


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