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Comparison of passing scores on South Africa's Department of Education examinations between high-school students taught using L. Ron Hubbard's study technology and a control group.
Without knowing how to learn what they are studying, a majority of students find education a trying and difficult process. They never master the ability to rapidly learn something with certainty and ease. Others, who apparently have less difficulty studying, find they are unable to apply what they have read.

It is a reality of the modern world that anyone in the work force, whether on the factory floor or in the executive suite, must have an ability to assimilate important information, retain it and then be able to apply it. This process, whether formal or informal, is what is meant by “study.”

L. Ron Hubbard recognized the failings of modern education and training in 1950, many years before educational horror stories began to make headlines.

His extensive investigation into the problems of teaching others led to a breakthrough – the first comprehensive understanding of the real barriers to effective learning. From this, Mr. Hubbard developed a precise technology on how to learn any subject – a technology that ensures a person will not only fully grasp what he is studying, but proficiently apply what he has studied in work or in life.

These breakthroughs came to be known as “study technology,” and provide the first fully workable approach to teaching people exactly how to learn. Study technology helps anyone learn anything. Used throughout Scientology in all churches, missions and groups, it is also widely used outside the Church in schools and businesses. Study technology opens the door to effective training and makes it possible to raise the general quality of education to new heights.

Study technology is based on laws that underlie all learning. It delineates the barriers which block a person’s ability to grasp information and provides precise methodologies to overcome those barriers.


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