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Study technology has been extensively tested and proven to achieve uniform, consistent results wherever it has been applied. Because it is based on fundamentals common to everyone, it cuts across any economic, cultural or racial lines and can be used by all, regardless of age. It is as effective in the executive suites of multinational corporations as it is in elementary school classrooms.

Outstanding improvements have been made by students of all ages in reading level, comprehension, vocabulary and mathematics when they have been instructed in study technology. A Los Angeles study showed an average gain of 1.8 years in vocabulary and comprehension after only 10 hours of tutoring in study technology. One student gained an almost unbelievable 5 years and 9 months in his test scores after 20 hours of instruction. All teachers involved in this study also reported an overall improvement in their students’ ability to learn, ability to read and, an unexpected gain, in the general behavior of students as a direct result of study technology.

An Arizona study tested students after the beginning of a school year and then six months later. Teachers ran the classroom using study technology throughout the duration of the study. Standard reading tests were administered and showed an average gain of two years in comprehension and vocabulary. This is four times the expected gain, a remarkable achievement considering individual tutoring was not part of the study.

In South Africa one class of underprivileged high-school students was trained in study technology, and at the end of the school year achieved a 91 percent pass rate on the country’s Department of Education examination. A control group, not so trained, had a 27 percent pass rate on the same test.

The numbers collected from these and many similar studies translate, really, into effective education for young people and an assurance they will grow to a confident, self-reliant adulthood with learning skills they will use every day of their lives.

Many principles and procedures make up study technology, but it only takes a brief discussion of a few of the most basic to provide an insight into what it is and what it can accomplish.


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