What is Scientology?

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Scientology: Its Background and Origins
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L. Ron Hubbard

All Scientologists are drug-free, and spearhead effective actions in countries around the world to get others off drugs. Scientologists have helped millions of underprivileged children to dramatically improve their reading level, vocabulary and comprehension, and the record of Scientology’s fight for human rights is unparalleled.

Scientology is not authoritarian. There is no enforced belief. Rather, a maxim in Scientology is that only those things which one finds true for himself are true. In Scientology one learns to think for himself – it is a voyage of self-discovery.

In the interests of making What Is Scientology? useful to as many as possible, it has been organized with the assumption that the reader has little or no familiarity with the subject. Consequently, the book is best read in sequence, since more advanced concepts build upon information in earlier chapters. The primary purpose was to produce a book that fully answers the question “What is Scientology?” Millions of words have been written on the subject of Scientology, and in this site we present the fundamentals. Photographs, diagrams and graphs illustrate many points of importance.

Thus, as a broad overview of Scientology, this site will be a useful reference, both to those with specific questions about the subject and, through the selected writings of L. Ron Hubbard, to those who wish to generally know more about his philosophy and principles.


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